Here are a few things people are saying about Anne Woodman Jewelry...


Anne’s designs are unique and beautiful!
I love to wear her necklaces and bracelets - it’s like putting on some ”happy”!
- Julianne, happy customer


"There is only only pair of earrings I own that gets a compliment literally every time I wear it, and it's by Anne Woodman. She was doing the wishbone shape years before it became big everywhere and my 10+ year-old earrings are still getting attention because they still stand apart from the mass-produced jewelry that borrows their style."
- Rebecca, long time customer


Amber Lilyestrom Podcast








Check out Amber Lilyestrom's podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show. I get so much inspiration from listening to her, and she gave me the sweetest shout-out!

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