The Moon in Maine

Ever since moving here, I've felt more connected to the moon. She's just seems more present here, or maybe there are fewer distractions.

anne woodman moon necklaceanne woodman moon earrings

Hence the inspiration for the crescent moon collection.

I love how the simple circles in this collection are like everyday hoops, a classic shape. The fact that they represent the moon is more subtle, like the moon itself at times. There, but quietly, you might not even notice unless you take the time to really look.

For most of us, the moon a beautiful mystery. A luminescent planet that reveals as much of herself as the sun allows, and all in perfect rhythm. Women especially can feel a connection to the moons phases, if you just pay attention a tiny bit to your cycle and her phases, you'll inevitable find a link. 

anne woodman moon phases necklace

For me she's like a guiding sister/mother/friend/anomaly that always feels like a pleasant surprise when she says hi from the sky. 

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