Some Birthstones...

...are my favorites. And they happen to butt right up against each other.

Sapphire for September, and Opal for October. 

 birthstone star necklace by Anne Woodman

Sapphire is my own birthstone but that's not the only reason I love it. Supposedly, sapphires represent truth, faithfulness and sincerity. And navy blue happens to be the signature color of many a Virgo. I prefer hot pink myself. Hey, I'm an artist. 

Anne Woodman opal birthstone star necklace

Opals are just magical to look at, aren't they? Opals are said to bring the wearer love and inspiration. I can dig it. 

I'm just starting to learn more about stones and their meanings, so if you know anything more about these two, please share!

Since we are in September and approaching October, the star birthstone necklaces in sapphire and opal are available on the website if you feel like shopping.

Anne Woodman opal birthstone gold star necklace

Happy fall, Y'all!!


These don't have to be your birthstones to 

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