Not all Mother's are flower-y

Some mother's are more about pearls, and some mother's are more edgy. 

My mother wears my flowers, but I think only because I make them. And she's my mom. But she's not flower-y. She's tough, and an artist, and edgy, sometimes the edges are even kind of sharp. And she loves me. A lot.

three generations necklace set

Moms aren't perfect (no one is) but they make us, and then they have a huge role in making us who we are. 

Being a mom myself now, I know that you pretty much do anything for your kids. I also know that the best Mother's Day gifts happen year-round, in small moments. And any expression of love and appreciation from your child goes a long long LONG way. 

So write your mom (or any mom if yours isn't an option) a little note saying something nice. 

Here's something nice about my mom; She's a great painter, did you know that? She's so good that I sell her paintings at The Shop. And she's on a roll, she keeps painting more and more so there are always new ones to enjoy. Here's my most recent favorite:

Maine Lupines oil painting

These Lupines fill the early summer scenery here in Maine and this painting is currently reminding me of what is just around the corner!

I would like to publicly thank my own mom for all of her support, for wearing the flowers, for being a good grandma and for always being there. 

This year maybe I'll give her pearls ;) pearl wishbone earringswrapped pearl necklacepearl bangle

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