Lucky Clovers

About a year ago, I was inspired to design a clover necklace.
gold clover clover lariat

I love the simple outline of the clover. It's a happy shape, like the signature flower. 

The current trend of light wrap around chokers and lariats added to my idea of making this necklace super simple and using leather, to make it not expensive.

I wanted it to feel good, have weight and be easy to wear.

Because it had to be sturdy, I took a step away from delicate gold, though I did a small one in gold too, and used a heavy gauge tarnish free wire.

This necklace turned out to be one of my favorite designs. I wear it often myself. It's a classic design that allows for many more variations in the future...
Maybe it makes you think of a shamrock or good luck, either way, I say sláinte to you.
Happy St. Patrick's Day week, wishing joy,prosperity and good times to all!

anne woodman clover necklace


  • Anne Woodman

    For Betsy – Yes, these necklaces are totally adjustable. You tie the leather yourself to be at whichever length you prefer. You can wear it a different length every day if you wish. I also can customize ANYTHING, so if someone is petit and wishes to not have the extra long leather that is no problem at all!!

  • Betsy Loredo

    Hey, Anne, can you customize the length of these? I have a petite pal who it would be perfect for but the length would need to be adjusted, as she’s about half your height! ;-)

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