Happy Friday - A peek into the workshop

Happy Friday! 

Fridays are my favorite, and I'll tell you why. It's not the normal t.g.i.f. that most 9-5ers feel, I'm usually working weekends too. 

But Fridays are all fun because they are all production, all day. 


Monday through Thursday there's a lot of business-y stuff in my world; connecting with clients, stores, emails, phone calls, planning, ordering, math... I like doing all of that, and I inevitably have to make a few pieces here and there during those days too, but Fridays it's

all. I. do. 

The list of pieces that need to get produced grows throughout the week and then on Fridays I get to start crossing them off...

JOY!!! I mean who doesn't love crossing things off lists, am I right?

So, here's a glimpse at what got made today:

12 of these babies got wrapped (they were glued yesterday):

braided bolo bangles

And then... a butterfly necklace, a bumblebee, two wishbone with pearls, two wrapped pearl earrings, two multi-wire rings, and a beaded flower bib. Oh, and now a blog post ;)

So, even though I earned my green beer already, I'm gonna get back to it because someone needs a flower necklace and I've been saving the best for last! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


signature flower chaos necklace

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