Holiday Gift HELP!

holiday gifts

It's crunch time. Maybe you're all done with your shopping (bravo!), but chances are there might be one or two left on your list that you just can't seem to check off. Some people are impossible to shop for. So, I figured I'd offer some help with a few gift ideas for those hard to please peeps.


I mean... They are a real challenge. Dads, Husbands, Brothers, Husband's Brothers, Office mates... oy.

The guys in my life like to eat and drink, so food and booze are always an easy go to. Here are some non-consumable options:

 knit skull cap

Simple design, trendy skull cap. Comes in 3 colors. $22 bucks.


pirate corkscrew

 This pirate corkscrew is pretty hilarious.

$18 bucks.

anchor cutting board

Keeping with the nautical theme, this anchor cutting board is truly gorgeous.

$38 bucks.

bottle opener keyring

Stocking stuffer or secret santa! Bottle opener and key ring in one.

$10 bucks.



I have a bunch of these. They are all like real sisters to me. Here's what mine are getting, shhhhh...

PS. These gifts will work for lots of ladies in your life. You're welcome.

boo bar necklace


Bolo bar necklace. Shiny and chic. $58


cranberry blanket scarf


Cranberry blanket scarf. Everyone needs a blanket scarf. Or three. $38


floral beanie


So pretty. Soft knit floral beanie. $18


bolo bracelet


Braided bolo bracelets. Obvs. Everyone's favorite. $25 each

Other people's kids.

Am I right? Here are a couple items they've never seen before:

 cat ears headband

From toddlers to teenagers, this is a sure crowd pleaser.


kids star necklace

Handmade golden good-ness.

14k gold filled kids necklace $28

Ok, those are the trickiest ones I'm shopping for. Let me know if there's a recipient in your life that has you stumped. I'm here to help!

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